Saturday, January 8, 2011

Don't forget the City-Wide Rally to Fight School Closings and Charter Takeovers on January 27th @ City Hall Plaza.  To Endorse email

Join The Real Reformers at the Upcoming Panel for Educational Policy Meetings (all at Brooklyn Technical High School @ 5:30):
January 19th:  Greet Cathleen Black and tell her and the PEP to Defend Public Education and end the historic inequity in funding, particularly for schools that serve Black and Latino children.
February 1st:  Support schools facing closing and co-location.  Join us in telling the PEP that Co-Locations only divide and hurt our public school communities.
February 3rd:  Support schools facing closings.  Join us in telling the PEP that the current school closing policy is misguided and destructive, they should be supporting and fixing our schools, not closing them.
March 1st **(note changed from 2/15)**:   Support schools facing co-locations and Join us in declaring our schools are not for sale; say NO to the privatization agenda.

             Real Reform:  Transforming Public Education, School            Governance, and Teacher Unions
Real Reform #1:  Smaller Class Sizes
Real Reform #2:  Excellent Community Public Schools for ALL Children
   Real Reform #3:  More Teaching – Less Testing
Real Reform #4:  Parent and Teacher Empowerment and Leadership
Real Reform #5:  Equitable Funding for ALL Schools
Real Reform #6:  Anti-Racist Education Policies
Real Reform #7:  Culturally Relevant Curriculum
Real Reform #8:  Expand Pre Kindergarten and Early Intervention Programs
Real Reform #9:  Qualified and Experienced Educators and Educational Leaders
Real Reform #10:  Democratic and Social Justice Unionism

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